Sunday, April 18, 2010

Water tanks for travellers

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Front view of water tank

Water Tanks for travellers
If we travel in sankhu we can find these kinds of stone tanks. As sankhu was the ancient trade route to tibet. At that time this place is the only route to easily get into tibet. So in some places of sankhu there must be water tanks and now a days also we can see the old sign of that. In above picture we can see the stone tank which is use to store water so that traveller can get water and fulfill your thrist during walking. In sankhu we can only find 3 water tanks in different part of sankhu. In above picture the stone tank is covered by cemented wall which is the modification.  In the lower part of the stone tank we can see a hole which is use to get water from tank. From back side water is kept inside the tank. Every morning the person who get up early put water inside as it is beleive that his or her desire will get fulfull if anyone fill the tank. So people used to get up early in the morning to fulfull ur wants.


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