Friday, June 26, 2009


Friday, June 26, 2009
About Sankhu (Shankharapur)

Sankhu (Shankharapur)  is an ancient city. This is ancient city is located at the altitude of1328 meters from the sea level and on east direction of Kathmandu 17Kilometer far from the heart of kathmandu. This is a typical Newar Town. Mostly peoples are newars. And they have their own culture. Sankhu is an ancient but small too. The people of sankhu are mostly well civilized, and educated. At past also this place as well developed and as a country which as its own autonomus.

According to the legend and historic manuscripts, Sankhu village was created and settled for the service of Goddess Ugra Tara Bajrayogini by inviting residents of 7-8 villages in surrounding areas. It is possible then that these nicknames could actually be derived from the community or occupations they belonged to before their ancestors settled in Sankhu. By that token, those families without such nicknames could be new settlers.

5. Bajraygini Jatra Ugratara Bajrayogini Jatra: started 3300 years ago by King Shankhadeva and the priest of Bajrayogini, Jogadev Bajracharya. This carnival has ben observed continuously since it was started at sankhu where several festivals and cultural events takes place round the years.
6. Sithi Nakha(Feast) :- This festival is observed to worship Kumar, brother of Lord Ganesh.
7. Gathe Mangal: This festival is observed to mark the death of demon called Ghanta Karna and to celebrate the expulsion of evils and protection of the community from the evil's spirits.
8. Gai Jatra:- This festival is observed to commemorate on the death of m embers of the community over the year. Sankhu enjoys Gaijata in special manner.

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Cultures and festivals:
In addition to other common festivals observed by Hindus like Dashain, the larest festival in Neal worshipped fopr 15 days in celebration of victory over vices. Tihar, Holi purnima and Baishakha purnima people of Sankhu specially celebrate some other festivals.

1. Sakimana Punhi:- people visit Changunarayan and Budhanilakantha to pay homage to the deceased.
2. Yomari Punhi:- Celebration of new harvest during which Ganesh Jatra takes place in Sankhu.
3. Makar Sankranti: This festial is observed on the first day of the month of Magh.
swosthani and Shalnadi :- This is a special festival in Sankhu though its importance is all pervasive among the indus. Since Shalinadi river, a sacred river, lies in this area, this festival has a special significance. a month from Push Sukla Purnma to Magh Sukla Purnima has special significane as religious men and women follow strict ritual and worship Lord Vishnu ( Madhav Nayayan) at the bank of the river is the sacred month in order to get their wishes fulfilled. In addition, there are many many important myths associated with this month like the birth of Shree Goraksyanath Baba, the Guru of Lord Pashupatinath. and a one day fastin by Bhima consumer of a lot food fall in the same month.

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