Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shankharapur New Municipality in Sankhu area

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
The government has declared 41 new municipalities across the country through the budget speech presented in the legislature parliament Friday.
The government restructured 161 Village Development Committees (VDC)s into 41 municipalities as per a recommendation from a panel led by Professor Surya Lal Amatya. The recommendation was made a decade earlier.
Three municipalities – Shankharapur in Sankhu area, Karyabinayak in Bhainsepati area and Champapur in Chapagaon area – have been added in Kathmandu valley.

The proposed Shankharapur municipality includes 4 different VDC's of sankhu area. 1. Pukhulacchi 2. Bajrayogini 3. Suntole 4. Indrayani.

The panel has made the recommendations on the basis of interaction with various institutions and persons and taking into consideration factors such as non-agricultural occupation, population density, electricity and water, roads, education, health, communications, industries, business, mobilization of economic resources, district headquarters, and governmental and non-governmental programmes.
To be declared as municipality, at least Rs 1 million annual revenue should be raised from internal resources in that area and there has to be population of at least 20,000 in municipalities of the hilly and Terai region and 10,000 in municipalities of the Himalayan region
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