Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bishworoop at Chalakhu sankhu

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is the picture of god Bishowroop. This god is just next to the place where yoshin dyo is erected. This is the only face of the god. The whole statue is really beautiful and really well made. This is also one of the oldest statue in sankhu. The statue is in the small temple at Chalakhu tole sankhu.


Postak Shrestha said...

Good info about Sankhu. I like your presentation.

Friedhelm Nunnemann said...

Hello and Namaste Anup Manachen,
I´ve found your nice and expressive blog in the web googling for informations about the Kathmandu Valley.
My name is Friedhelm, a German retired automotive engineer, who visited Nepal since 1998 many times.
Apart from hiking and trekking I´m very interested in the religious and cultural art and architecture of the people of the Kathmandu Valley.
At the moment I´m constructing a website www.kathmandu-valley-temples.com and I´m looking for pictures of temples, shrines, chaityas and sculptures of the valley to complete the database of this page.
It would be nice and helpful if you could allow me to reproduce some of your fotos. I assure that my website is absolute non-commercial and I will quote your name as the source and owner of the pictures.
It would be nice to get a positive answer on my request.
In addition to this I have the idea to develop something like a network of friends of the Kathmandu Valley who support my page with pictures of shrines and sculptures in their village respectively their neighbourhood. What is your opinion to this ?
With best regards and greetings from Germany

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