Friday, July 6, 2012

Drinking water problems in sankhu

Friday, July 6, 2012
Although sankhu was anciently well developed and well managed city. But  modernisation and developement also bought lots of changes and rapid change in population made lack of resources in sankhu. As sankhu was the transit point and naturally rich city in history. But these days like rest part of country people of sankhu is also facing lots of problems.
Among so many problems drinking water problem is most important and people of sankhu are very much keen interested upon the problem of drinking water. As drinking clean and hygene water is necesity of people who live sankhu and surrounding. In ancient time there was enough well  to drink water. But time changed so there is low water level in sankhu area one hand,  in other hand population incresement is also major reason of lack of water.
Modernization and education made conscious level high. So most of people of sankhu knew how to use water in home in different purposes. So to live healthy life water is really important.  Beside wells people of sankhu were using tap water from few decades. That source of water was made by Leder Ganesh Man Singh. So no need to say that was really old. So that was intended to people of sankhu 60 years before. At that time that water is not enough to people of sankhu.


Friedhelm Nunnemann said...

Hello and Namaste Anup Manachen,
I´ve found your nice and expressive blog in the web googling for informations about the Kathmandu Valley.
My name is Friedhelm, a German retired automotive engineer, who visited Nepal since 1998 many times.
Apart from hiking and trekking I´m very interested in the religious and cultural art and architecture of the people of the Kathmandu Valley.
At the moment I´m constructing a website www.kathmandu-valley-temples.com and I´m looking for pictures of temples, shrines, chaityas and sculptures of the valley to complete the database of this page.
It would be nice and helpful if you could allow me to reproduce some of your fotos. I assure that my website is absolute non-commercial and I will quote your name as the source and owner of the pictures.
It would be nice to get a positive answer on my request.
In addition to this I have the idea to develop something like a network of friends of the Kathmandu Valley who support my page with pictures of shrines and sculptures in their village respectively their neighbourhood. What is your opinion to this ?
With best regards and greetings from Germany

Anupmanachen said...

Friedhelm, o k you can use...

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