Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ropai Jatra in Sankhu

Sunday, August 21, 2011
Wa;pi jya pyakhan (Ropai Jatra ) is one of the best part of one week long cow festival. In sankhu we have one week long festival which starts from cow festival. There are so many types of festivals after cow festival. They all are good and give full enjoyiment to everyone of sankhu and people who comes to this festival. In Wa;pi jya pyakhan (Ropai Jatra )  nearly everyone takes part in another age-old tradition in which the participants dress up and wear masks or without masks also they dress up so differently. There is not age bar for this festival. The occassion is filled with songs,jokes, mockery and humour of every kind become the order of the day until late evening. Hence, Gai Jatra is a healthy festival which enables the people to accept the reality of death and to prepare oneself for the life after death. According to Hinduism,"whatever a man does in his life is a preparation to lead a good life, after death".

Ropai jatra at Inlla Tole


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