Monday, October 19, 2009

Lumbini- birth place of Bhddha

Monday, October 19, 2009
Lord Buddha, the symbol of peace and the light of Asia was born here in Lumbini in 623 B.C.. The main attraction of Lumbini, the sacred garden is spread over 2.36 sq. km., which possesses all the treasures of historic areas. The Ashokan Pillar, carrying an inscription identifying the holy site as the birthplace, is situated in the sacred garden, next to Ashokan pillar is the Mayadevi temple, which houses a base relief depicting the nativity sculpture. In 1996 excavations have discovered a piece of a stone that indicated the exact spot of birth of lord Buddha, Puskarni - the Sacred pool, where queen Mayadevi, the lord Buddha's mother took a holy bath before the birth, lies to the south of the pillar. As a global initiative to promote Lumbini as center for world peace, many countries have constructed temples, monasteries and stupas in the International Monastic Zone.


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