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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Banepa, Capital of entire region in the middle of the 15th century, this small commercially active Newar Village lying 27km/ 17 miles ease of Kathmandu city has catered to the people of the neighboring areas unnoticed to it's own past. When Nepal had trade relations with Tibet, this place was an important enroute trade centre. Tour of this village gives a good combination of history, rural life and scenic beauty.


Dhulikhel, Situated at an altitude of approx. 1800 m / 5500 ft above the sea level and 32/20 miles east of Kathmandu City. It is famous for it's vantage location in viewing the Himalayan ranges from Cho Olyu in the east to Himalchuli in the west. Dhulikhel is very popular for viewing sunrise and sunset.


Kodari is the border point between Nepal and Tibetan Region of People's Republic of China. The 114 km. Road from Kathmandu takes about 4 to 5 hours each way. It is a beautiful drive through country side. On this road one can see beautiful mountain, snow fed rivers, natural hot spring, village life etc.

Nala is a small isolated village 27 km/17 miles east of Kathmandu situated on the southern slope of a mountain over looking the beautiful green valley. The whole village has gained a mystical valley atmosphere due to it's set up and a typical temple of Bhagawati a classic example of pagoda architecture. There is also a 9th century AD temple dedicated to Lord Lokeshwor – a Buddhist God.


Panauti is an ancient village, 32 km/20 miles south east of Kathmandu situated on the banks of Punyamati river. A leisurely walk throughout this tiny village will reveal it's antiquity to the visitors, a must in Peanut is a visit to the 14th century AD Hindu temple of Shiva locally known as Indreswor Mahadev. The wooden struts supporting the temple are splendid example of wood carving of that era, which till date remain unchallenged in the entire Kingdom.


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